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The Magic of CiSciarp

- My avatar compression quality is a bit ruined

"Go, make you known to the other user of LiveJournal."
Ahhh, STFU!
I like so much "PUNCH THE KEYS, For God Sake!" quote!

For a lots of info, read tha journal and tha list. Why I like AR? Easy, easy man! For funny experiment you can create your funny real life 3d game, YEAHS!
For istance: "Oh, I want to be with a 3d cube for companion and a Sphere named '5p£r3!'". I think this will also explain the "hologram" word.

Other things: what is vb? is the acronym for visual bensi, other said "visual basic". J# and J++? Programming languages. Guinness? That's not the beer, mah friend. It's the Mark Thompson (with the cooperation of Chris Collinsworth) Show! Wohooo!
And then it comes Half-Life: Half-Life, Half-life, Half-Life.

You'll read things reptile related: and you'll ask 'why?'. Well, I must write here that I love reptiles!

We will pass to "physic". Physic. That's only damn interesting. [MATH II]

Here I close my Bio section. For specific journal Info I remind to the journal's About section.


Let's add something new:

Functional languages, Category theory, Game Design (so design in general?), Theater (as the actor, eheh), to travel time (sadly it's my special power :/ ), ... and many other things!

Let's say I don't play anymore Half-Life, with that computation of radioactivity period of objects (how it was called?).