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The Magic of CiSciarp
- My avatar compression quality is a bit ruined
Voglio diventare qualcosa che ho in mente.


Mi impegnerò. :)=
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It's been a while I didn't got access to this journal :3 and I don't assume I wrote all of this eheh.

LOT'S of things happened in this period. Maybe I'll write of everything in newer posts and I will do in plain english. That's incredible, considerated every previous post!

Let's look at Satriani's Summer Song, just to restart this "journal":

(damn I can't include videos. But is a must see)

When he makes the guitar say "OH YEAH!"!!! That is awesome. Or in Satch Boogie, where everything is considerately infinitesimal.

One thing I should denote: this journal is not meant to be serious (who said it was so?) but I can see future "serious" posts in here! Since it started as "the Magic of C#" I would write something about magic programming, that's what I magically do infondoinfondo.

One another thing I should do is to update my interest, to add new and to remove olds. But who cares, I won't do that!
DMC? What is this? OA? CA? CTF? CHS? AS? SOS? LOL? VanillaOA? ...

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I invite myself to do a fast reading of what I've wrote in those years of spregiudicate posting on Livejournal. I feel kind of "stupid" but in a good sense.


So much time passed and so events and peoples like Maradona get well.
("Perchè hai due orologi?"  "Uno è per l'orario del Brasiul, l'altro è per la mia testa.")

After the entire lecture, I can feel that the posts in the end are getting more serious
Some unaffordable entity doesn't exist anymore:
Remembering dmc-central.com for the official DMC mod for HL ... Well, the more anonymous is, the more the probability is to find really cool peoples (I mean PvOs with a french "v") on the servers! (that's an ultra-optimistic Point Of View)

This post is very uncostant.

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In here (in the blorgh, I mean) since it was born (the blorgh I mean) I never wrote something special (phrases composed by some letters, I mean) dedicated NOT to all the internet peepuls BUT to THAT person that will finish in here by some tricky URLs!
I admit, I never valuted this case, so I'm ready to close this gap.

Ok. Let's do some ipothesis: the person will come here is native of America! (Yes, I am a person of internatinal vision! :D )
What kind of treatment should I choose? That's a simple question! The "Treat American Peepols" Mode:

[some words are in Italian, my preferred language for some reason and some in German]

IIIiiiih, cheppiccoloamericanocheabbiamoquiiiìììì!!! CHECCARINO L'AMERICANINO!
Ti senti bene? Scommetto che sei stanco. Su, siediti un pò quà. Ooooplààà :D
Ora che ci siamo seduti ti racconto un storiella, va bene?

[ok the "storiella" is missing because that's not the real subject of the Post]

& if ( visitors[i].nationality == "English") { ? }
(for non-multilinguals: "And if the nationality of the visitor is english, what we will do?")

[Only italian]

(eh)PRONTO. Sì. chi è? No. Non capisco. Cosa? Mr Mosby? Non era in hotel? Paris Hilton? No? London Tipton?
Che cosa cacchio stai dicendo? Aspetta c'è un inglese che vuole parlarmi.

(I close the IM window, and I click on the chat textbox).

IIIIHHH! PICCOLOINGLESE! C'è un piiiiccolo qui con me, non vorra mai più tornare quindi lo coccoliuamuio un può! :D
(his muzzle is stuck on graphic) VIENIQUIBELLO!

[... Missing parts ...]

I leave this place advicing the visitor WHO READS THIS POST NOT TO study in deep what some names and words means.
Ok. I put the title now.

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Ah! A great return of mine, where I wanted to draw someting on Cisciarp!

Ok, listen up: do you remember Gerard Depardieu (hope to wrote perfectly his name)? the one of "La Capra", "La Chèvre"? yeah, the private detective called "Campana", "Bell".

Here comes the bomb news! Today is a bit fattier and he does adv's for Italian Tomatoes Salsa (and in a perfect way I must admit).

People should say: "Eeeh, Ich got an Italienisch Heart!"

Comments? That's a really nice movie.

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Gentes was (and is I think) a famous journal (not "live", living, then I assume is a die-journal) that regroup all the peepools (lol, it wasn't intenctional, really) ideas and mind-flows.
Why talk about a die-journal in a live-journal? I don't know neither I, I don't have nothing to do now but as a famous singer says, let's dance.

Gentes has a blue cover and a white-yellow legible font.

PS: what's the meaning of "enthralled"? that my eyes are like Kim Goodman's one?

PPS: the "it" on the URL means that I'm from Athen

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Today I feel tired. It's for this reason I created a new post idea based on a song I love called "Tapparella" by "Elio e le storie Tese" with Elio and some tight stories.
The post idea was to write interely the text of the song. That's not a simple lyrics text, but an advanced version of it: the text includes all the voices you can hear in the song, the volume of all the single words and many other interesting things.
To render more genuine all of this, I'll write the song text contemporanely hearing the song itself.

Theme of the song is about a Medium School party where the main singer is not invited. 

PS: you can find a "Elio Kung Fu" spoof on a famous Neil Cicierega's flash "Animutations" called "Kung Fu Phil" if I remember well. Aaah, the days passed on Newgrounds!


 * guitar riff *

TappaRElla giùù
ee in poltigliaaaa
più Ascella, purìficATaaah,
ti ricoòrdichemèravigliaaa
la ♪ fes ♪ tade ♪ lle ♪ me ♪ dieeeeeh
* * *
Tu non vieniii.
ma se servee
vi portoiIDISChìii
cosìpotrete ballare ILEntiiì.

* * - - - - *svisssh*

Io che credevo
Io che speravooh

mi autoinveteò /


* guitar riffs *

(ci sei Boiezzi?)

Mi presentooo
[Boh... CiaoRagazzi, comeVà?]
Facciounvento egliCambioILCLImaaa
Tempore:gio Bevendospumaaaaahh

+ breathless +

cHIEDO FonzieMidannoAvanzi
- / * / * * *

Cristo! * * * *

per % chèèèEEEEEh^?
(la bottigliaaa)

Scatta Ilgiocodellaaabottigliaaaa %





SiVab(b)è, PeròPoi Balliamooo.

Non Ci RomPereICoglioniiìììì
* * * * * * * - - *svuissh*

BaaloDasolo eèEmenevantò

Faaantastico ...

[Little sketch]

quE(sta) Amarissima, Aranciataaaa

* guitar riffs plus Aspirine *

[The singer complains about the party
I must admit that I don't like this School party.
First of all, noone offered me a "Svipers".

Then, I didn't see yet my friend PANINO(TM).

When there's PANINO(TM) in a party, the party completely change:
if it was beautiful, it be-becomes awful.
If it was awful, it becomes beautiful

I've got the impression noone invited me. That's Ok.
On the paper glass there isn't my name. That's Ok.

You can't do a slow dance.
You can't do a fast dance.
You can't play the bottle or the card game.

There's no friendship. There's not creativity. There are not good values.
There's @Nothing@.
I'm leaving."]


questAfestAè Insoddisfacent(u)eee



moltoparticolare / doveSarannoInvitatiTuttiiih /

Molti amici
Molti nemici


(c) Aspirine

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Eighties: the Soccer world went mad for the awesomest newcomer soccer player. He reached where the others failed. He was a Star.
He even got personal records in his game. I'm talking about Diego Armando Maradona, notorius football player in the 80s-90s, aka "pibe de oro".

Everybody knows also about his Fall from Grace. Last times there were rumors about unlawful sons who take part at Tv shows!

What about the "Father"? Well, take a look at this picture to realise that he completely changed life:

[Maradona is a NEW man]

His enemies are no more drugs, alcool and pills, but a pesky rabbit that always disturbs him.
He runs no more behind a ball, but he follows racings. His unique friends are talking cars (and rarely some humans). As memory of his glorius past, he still keep an elicopter for going out .

He still keep fit (at least he do what he can) in order to flirt with mechanical women (infortunately without success). And he's always dressed with messy outfit.

Incredible but true: for his old admirers and fans it's a sufference to see their old Idol living in a dirty bungalow and behave like a child (talking to cars is not a normal thing).

Our wise Diego, today rebirthed Chris, or "Big" Chris for friends, choose the straight way instead of keep on his wrong lifestyle, that brought him serious health problems. But we must admit that he took the best decision.

[Roary the Racing Car]

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<< Maria, come si scrive "BBBbuona  DommeniKa"? >>

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